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  • Our lenses are completely powerless.
    If your vision is perfect, or even if it’s poor… Our lenses will not affect your vision at all.

    Just click SELECT below, we take care of EVERYTHING after that.
    We guarantee shipment or your money is refunded 100%

    Optometrists have 8 hours after you place your order to approve our request for verification. If they fail to contact us within 8 hours, we will ship your order.
    98% of orders are shipped in 8 hours average.

    If denied, you’ll be 100% refunded and we’ll email you right away to let you know.

  • Please read carefully as this is a common confusion.

    A prescription only means “Approval” from a medical practitioner. It doesn’t always mean that you require a “powered” lens, to correct your vision…

    Just click SELECT below, we take care of EVERYTHING after that. We’ll make sure your optometrist you select approves your order. If they don’t approve it within 8 hours, we’ll ship it anyways. If they deny it, we’ll refund you 100%

We Guarantee Shipment On ALL Orders
100% Money is Refunded Immediately If There’s Any Problems

Click SELECT below, we’ll do EVERYTHING else after that.

Your doctor has 8 business hours to approve/deny our verification request.
If they don’t approve/deny within that time, we will ship your order.

What if the verification is denied?
If denied for any reason Your order will be cancelled & fully refunded.

You’ll receive an email every step of the way, after you place an order.

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